Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Conditions of Sale / Purchase

Following terms apply and (conditions) to the supply of goods or services by Ellines United.

Your order on our online store forms will be a guarantee by you to make the purchase order for the products or services. You must provide all information required by us for the processing or your order. A receipt is supplied upon payment of your order. You must provide us the correct information for us to deliver your purchase.

All prices on the website are including Australian Tax (GST). You will be provided with an invoice for you order. We do not accept liability for errors occurred on this website. We can discuss this matter further.

We accept PayPal for our online credit card transactions and is processed using our SSL Certificate for the guarantee of the order process of your purchase. All transactions are performed under 128 Bit SSL Certificate, via PayPal and Ellines United .


Shipping and Returns Information

Delivery Information

Upon your order and receipt of payment, please allow 2-3 business days for packing and dispatch of your order. This may vary depending on delivery service providers.  If goods are not in stock orders will take 10 – 15 business days to dispatch.

Delivery Details

Ellines United uses Australia Post, Fastway delivery and courier services. Our delivery providers guarantee safe and reliable delivery or your order. If you are not home you will receive a card in the mail for collection or delivery of your order.
Please note: If you choose to have your order parcel to be left on your premises we cannot be liable for lost or stolen property as a result.

Delivery Costs

All orders up to 1kg – 3kg for $15.95 Standard Post and $18.95 Express Post delivery to most states. (W.A) Choose calculator at product checkout for shipping costs. Contact us if your require urgent or special delivery services. orders@ellinesunited.com  or 0437 000 920.

Returns Information

For any reason you are not happy with your purchase because your goods were damaged or not what you ordered, we accept returns if the goods are in original packaging and unopened from original packaging. We do not accept ‘change of mind’ returns for products purchased on this site.
We do offer a 4 day money-back guarantee from the time of delivery. A full store credit refund will be applied. Email us at orders@ellinesunited.com or Contact us on 0437 000 920 to discuss further upon receipt of your delivery. Please send to 88 Linacre Cres, Carindale, QLD 4152.


Ellines United and the GDPR

The purpose is to educate users about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) using the simplest of terms. This page is not a legal document.

Data is at the core of our work. Every project, every client, every partner, every chatbot is made of and handles data; some of which are private. It stands without a doubt that Ellines United takes the GDPR act very seriously.

The GDPR is an expansion of the rights granted to (European) individuals. The ultimate goal is to give ownership of one’s data back in one’s own hands and protect individuals from companies misusing their data.

These are all values and concepts we stand firmly behind. As such, Ellines United has been GDPR ready.

How did the GDPR affect us?

It didn’t affect us much, as we’ve always protected your privacy.

The most significant impact GDPR had on us was encouraging us to rephrase sometimes obscure privacy policies into plain English. It is easy to let the lawyers draft documents and assume everyone understands them. The GDPR had us look at our content and rethink the way our potential viewers read them.

It is essential to make sure anyone, to a reasonable degree, can understand what we do with their private information. We have, thus, rephrased some of the more complex sentences and sentiments from our privacy policy.

Oh, and it also pushed us to write this post you are now reading!

Is GDPR only for Europeans?

The GDPR is an EU regulation, meaning it affects European citizens. However, we believe the GDPR is currently the highest standard of data regulation and therefore have decided to apply it to all our users with no exception.

When did the GDPR go ‘live’?

Officially, all companies processing data belonging to EU individuals must have been GDPR compliant from May 25, 2018 onwards.

Read (and understand) more about the GDPR

If you want to geek out and learn more about the way EU companies should be handling your data, you can head to the Data Protection page of the European Commission website.

Finally, please read through our privacy policy. It should give you a good understanding of what the GDPR is all about in real-life (i.e. your data and Ellines United).

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