Petros Restaurant

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  • Restaurant Petros is a family restaurant which was established in 1948 from Passaris family and it continues to pass from generation to generation.
    The magic landscape of Santorini together with our love and the yearly experience of the family create a magic trip of tastes and emotions.
    The traditional products of Santorini the tomatoes, caper, fava beans, the wine with the golden color and the intoxicating aromas along with the awe of the volcano and the serenity of the sunset will leave you th

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    1. George Post authorPetros Restaurant

      After another day exploring Oia we decided to head back into Oia and find another restaurant to have dinner. After walking around we decided to try Petros. They were busy and we managed to get a table on the edge looking out over Oia to the sea. The only disappointing thing was that down below were cats roaming around. Aside from that the evening was amazing. Our waiter was attentive and provided us with all the information we needed for our dinner. We ordered Santorini wine and placed our order. For a starter we decided to have some bread and the variety of Greek olives. We did not want a big starter as we ordered the Petros mix fish for two. When the waiter took our order, he only wrote down the seafood for two. Both the seafood for two meals were the same except for a whole fish. Considering how busy they were our meal came out rather quick. As we were getting through the seafood, I called our waiter over and asked about the whole fish. He had made a mistake and had not ordered the right platter. He called who I assume was one of the owners over and I explained what happened. She was fantastic, got the fish ordered, and out to us quickly. All the seafood cooked well and the fish came out almost completely de-boned, which made it easy to eat. I was relieved that the fish came out later as it meant that all our seafood was still hot and enjoyable. After our meal and our wine the owner came down with some freshly made Greek yogurt, Greek sweet and a shot of ouzo to follow. This hospitality was out of this world and much appreciated. You should try this restaurant out if you can. You won’t regret it.

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