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  • Here at Macleay Island Medical Center, we are very passionate about patient health and well-being.

    Our main focus is to assist you with all of your medical needs and our friendly team is ready to assist you with your medical needs.

    Dr. Mark Chernoff

    An experienced GP, Dr Mark is looking forward to assisting the Bay Islands community with its health needs. An RACGP fellow, trained in rural emergencies, paediatrics, women’s health & aboriginal medicine. He is also a recognized authority on skin issues, ideal for our warm sunny climate!

    Savvas Manolis

    Savvas Manolis, from Optimise Nutrition, is our dietitian & nutritional specialist.

    With a strong focus on better health through nutrition, if you need help with weight loss or management, speak to one of our team about a consultation with Savvas today.

    Terry Hannon

    I began practising psychology around 20 years ago, always having had a passion for what motivates people, and for the big questions like ‘how do we find happiness?’, ‘why do we sabotage ourselves?’, what makes a good community?’

    Psychology is a wonderful tool for exploring the big issues in life and finding answers that help us to understand it all.

    Being a psychologist has never felt like work for me, and my clients have been a source of inspiration and learning, as I hope to be for them.

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