Why did Ellines United come about?

May 9, 2017 | About

For many years Greeks and Cypriots have lived both in the homeland and overseas.  I am one of those Greek Cypriots that have traveled to many places in the world.  My family history led me to develop this website and find a way to unite and communicate with family friends.  Our family has been displaced more than once and during all the moves to other countries have lost touch with family friends.  We have also had to make friends again.  As we all know when we move to a new country and as you get older the harder it is to make friends.  Now I came up with this website to assist those that have also moved and left friends and family behind to make the transition into a new country a lot easier.  Ellines United was established in 2008.  We have gone through a major revamp of the website to make it easier to navigate and find information.  Our dream is that this new website will appeal to more people and the website will take off.

In this website you will find a large range of information regarding Greece and Cyprus.  We are also introducing an all Greek Dating website, Travel information, shopping online, and as Elline’s get more and more involved in the website we will start adding meeting places for Elline’s and find out where the local Elline’s hang outs are.

My dream for this website is to make this website the biggest online community of all Elline’s around the world, bring OUR COMMUNITY closer together.  The eventual goal is to give our members the ability to communicate with Elline’s in there travel destinations and to organize meeting and the ability to hang out with our own.  Not only would the traveler have the ability to arrange meetings but as we grow we would want to give the traveler the ability to find a Greek place to have diner and to support the local communities.

One of the other problems the youth of today face is not knowing about there religion, or family history.  We know people that are of Greek heritage but do not know where they come from.

Our philosophy at Elline’s United is not to drive you all broke.  Our membership fee is very competitive and will provide a large range of information and products.  These products will include and is not limited to the following and will come online over time:

As Ellines United grows new features will be added.  As viewers and members of this website ask we will add more features.  Some of the features we are looking into include are as follows:

  • Socializing Site
  • Dating site (full access when a member)
  • Recipe downloads, with tips and tricks
  • Greek Drink Mixes
  • Agony Aunt (Thea Eleni)
  • Free Email account (you@ellinesunited.com)
  • Private Family location to store photos (Extra cost)
  • Family Tree Creations (Extra cost)
  • Communications with other members
  • House swapping
  • Discounts to participating advertisers
  • Discounted listings to advertise your business


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