Why Greeks Crack Eggs at Easter

Apr 26, 2017 | Food, Special Occasions

According to the Greek Orthodox traditions, the cracking of eggs goes back many years. Growing up we just thought cracking eggs was fun and all we wanted to do was be the winner. We would want to win. We tried to cheat by colouring stone eggs red. Yes they were heavier, but who would know if the opposition did not touch handle it. Did we get caught, of course. Let us get back to why Greek Easter Eggs are real eggs and are dyed.

So why are the Greek traditional eggs dyed red, well the red colour represents the blood of Jesus Christ and this religious event “Easter” celebrates Christ’s resurrection.

Why hard boiled Eggs.  The eggs represent the sealed tomb of Jesus from which he emerged after his crucifixion.

The Orthodox religion still holds many important traditions and Easter is surrounded by many.  Holy Thursday is the day that all Greeks dye their eggs, red is the traditional colour used.  Today you will also see other colours and patterned eggs mixed with the red eggs.

The game we referred to above is the ‘Game of Cracking or “tsoufrisma”. The cracking of the eggs symbolises the breaking open of the tomb of Jesus Christ. The resurrection from death. The custom of cracking eggs can only take place after his Resurrection and this commences after midnight mass or during the Easter Sunday feast.

So you are asking how is the game played: Well the game of cracking eggs is between two people. The two people compete by holding their respective egg in their hand and tapping each other’s egg. The goal is to crack the other player’s egg. The winner then uses the same end of the egg to tap the other, non-cracked end of the opponent. The winner is the person whose egg has cracked all the eggs of the other players.

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  1. Paul G

    60 or so years ago, when we cracked eggs I always preferred to be on the “bottom”. In doing that, I would squeeze my egg hard and leave as little of it showing as possible. I won almost every time.


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