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Jan 11, 2008 | Food

Aristaios, son of Apollo and Cyrene, was sent by the gods to give the gift of cheese making to the Greeks.  It was called a “gift of everlasting value”, and if the reputation of today’s variety of Greek cheeses is anything to go by, then the value of that gift keeps increasing with age.

Whatever the origins, Greek cheeses are among the finest in the world and many of varieties have been accorded protection under the European Union’s Protected Denomination of Origin (PDO) provisions.  This protection means that no other EU member nation can use the name of the cheese and that these cheeses must meet strict processing and location of origin standards.

Here you will find a list of all the Cheeses made in and around Greece:

Anevato (PDO)
Batzos (PDO)
Feta (PDO)
Formaella Arachovas Parnassou (PDO)
Galotyri (PDO)
Graviera Agrafon (PDO)
Graviera Kritis (PDO)
Graviera Naxou (PDO)
Kalathaki Lymnou (PDO)
Kasseri (PDO)
Katiki Domokou (PDO)
Kefalograviera (PDO)
Kopanisti (PDO)
Ladotyri Mytilinis (PDO)
Manouri (PDO)
Metsovone (PDO)
Pichtogalo Chanion (PDO)
San Michali (PDO)
Sfela (PDO)
Xynomyzithra Kritis (PDO)


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