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Top 5 Restaurants in Oia Santorini

We visited Santorini over the summer and we spent a week exploring the island. We stayed in Oia for the majority of the time and enjoyed every minute. As with most travel bloggers we have decided to put together our review on the 5 best restaurants that we found.

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Santorini a Place of Stunning Beauty

When we were researching where to go on our honeymoon my wife had said that she had always dreamt of going to Santorini. Well her and my wish came true. We decided Santorini was going to be our honeymoon location. We started researching and talking to people and after...

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Overview of the Orthodox Cross

The Orthodox Cross is actually referred to by many names: Byzantine Cross, Russian Cross and the Suppendaneum Cross. Every Church is seen with the cross present and the cross symbolizes so much and means so much to the person wearing one. The cross is a special piece as it is one given at the baptism. The baptism cross is very important and cherished by the person that wears it.

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Greek Cheese Descriptions

Anthotiros is traditional Greek whey cheese with Controlled Denomination of Origin (DOC). It has been manufactured in Greece for many centuries from whey of ewe’s and goat’s milk or mixtures, with the addition of small quantities of milk and/or cream, in the regions...

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